Wasted Youth Tattoo & PMA Piercing's mission statement is “To Provide The Best Body Art Services Available".  We practice aseptic technique and take every precaution for all of our tattooing and body piercing procedures. Your safety is our highest priority, with single use needles, jewelry, tubes, inks, and fluids for every client to new barriers and drapes on all stationary items, you can be worry free. Our studio is Grade A according to our Health Department and was designed to surpass industry and state standards. Our amazing artists and front of house staff are trained and certified on Principles of Infection Control, Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid, CPR, and AED to give you a clean, safe experience from beginning to end.    

Our body piercers are proud members of the Association Of Professional Piercers and practice traditional and freehand piercing techniques. At PMA we only use the industries finest jewelry that is Threadless or Internally Threaded, made from implant grade Titanium and Steal, Along with Niobium and 14k and 18k Gold and Glass jewelry that meets APP standards for all new piercings. We have in-house anodizing for all Titanium & Niobium jewelry to give endless possibilities of colors and patterns. With one of the largest fine jewelry selections in Illinois, at PMA we're sure we can get you the perfect piece. 

We hold ourselves to a high standard and take pride in being the friendliest & cleanest studio around. With all of our amazing reviews we don't tend to disappoint. Visit us today and let us help make your dreams a reality.

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PMA Piercing & Wasted Youth Tattoo
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Our showroom hours are 3-8pm everyday
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